How to Get a Gorgeous Babe

John Disney
7 min readOct 5, 2022

What Attractive Women Want (For Single Men Only)

If you are a woman, reading this article is not allowed. Close out this screen or the internet police will be contacted in 3 minutes.

Okay guys, now that we got that taken care of, let’s talk man-to-man. The audience I’m writing to will be between the ages of 25 to 55, educated, moderately conservative, and somewhat good looking. If you are outside of those parameters, some of what is written probably won’t apply very well to your single-man situation. You may be saying, what makes this guy an expert on getting attractive women?

Well, let me tell you I’m married now and older, but I haven’t always looked like this. Much of my adult life, I was a single guy with well-above average looks. I’ve had fiancés, marriages, and many very good-looking girlfriends in my life. If that is not enough experience for you, I have a graduate degree, read at least 25 books on psychology, with 8–10 being related to relationships. What I’m about to tell you is a super compact version of what I learned being single for over 30 years (not including ages 1–18).

Let’s start off by saying, “Dating” is not as complicated as it seems, and women are less complex than what most books and articles say. They are not that big of a mystery, and if you listen carefully, I’ll reveal to you what they are all about and what they desire from a man. Before we go into the meat of this article, it's not written for men just looking to get “laid”, rather is geared toward the marriage minded.

We all know that attractive women are more selective (until about age 45) than men are, except in the case of men that are wealthy (yet humble about it), intelligent, attractive, and have a nice-looking body/physique (all 4). Then, the “pickiness” is about equal. Unfortunately, most men lack at least 1 of those 4, and therefore pretty girls have the dating advantage.

Regarding your external appearance, which most men seem to focus on while forgetting about the rest, here is some insider information. Most (probably over 75%) attractive ladies want to have nothing to do with beards, mustaches or goatees. Sorry you ‘un-shaven wonders’ out there, but it’s just uncomfortable for a woman’s soft-sleek face to be rubbing on your bristly whiskers. Continuing with external appearance, the majority of women do not want a heavily muscled man, like most guys believe. Men, if you overdo it with the muscles, you will look like a monster



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